Valentine’s Day Lookbook 2018.

I decided to give you guys a little inspo on what to wear on this year’s Valentine’s Day. Either you have a romantic date or just hanging out with your girl friends, here are 4 different ideas on what to wear.


#1 The edgy Valentine

For those who like to take some risks.. Leather pants and a red sweater. ¿Would you wear it?

#2 The formal date

There is always that special date, a fancy dinner, or special event. All black can never go wrong, just spice it up with the accessories.



#3 The casual unexpected outfit

My favorite one, to be really honest. Simple, casual, fun and easy to wear. Can be worn to any adventure that may come, always looking chic!

#4 The one that never fails.

The white dress NEVER fails, appropriate for absolutely everything while always looking put together.


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