Why I do this..

Hello my sweet friends. I really hope you are doing great. Today I wanted to come clean and tell you why I have been a little absent lately..

I started my blog two years ago with the biggest illusion on sharing my views from the world with you guys.  Things escalated pretty quickly and I found myself drowning with school work, blog work, youtube work, social media, traveling,  personal life, etc. I didn’t understand how to manage my time without ending exhausted all the time. Once I did manage to manage my time correctly, I felt still, like something wasn’t right. And to be honest it all hit me about a month ago. Getting into social platforms like instagram can be really tough, I LOVED it because I got to see so many beautiful photos, and meet new people, but things changed so quickly and all of a sudden all people seemed to care about were followers, likes, who looked better, who had a better body, etc.

About a month ago I found myself hating all my photos, not even wanting to smile,  I started to go several days without posting anything and well… people noticed. I took a time off EVERYTHING, to remember why I started all of this. And I rememberd all that I loved, and this took me to writing this post.

While taking my time off I went to the beach with my boyfriend, and we had SO MUCH fun that I think these pictures transmit it perfectly, and this made me remember why I started blogging from the beginning. I love photography, I love having my style, having fun, and mostly being able to share what I love with you guys. When taking these photos I wasn’t thinking about likes, about looking good, about ANYTHING, just having fun and being able to transmit what I love, which is exactly what I wanted with my blog.






¡Espero que les haya gustado este post!

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Nos hablamos pronto!

xx Isabella Leyva




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